Ward 8

Collection Days

Gander – Monday through Friday

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Bell Airport Balbo Alcock Binnie
Blackwood Bannock Baldwin Bachman Blair
Boyd Barker Bishop Bennett Bondar
Brock Briggs Bowes Bristol Cayley
Edinburgh Byrd Brochen Brown Cheshire
Elizabeth Carling Cotton Conrad Cody
Fitzmaurice Cochran Earhart Curtiss Collishaw
Lothian Corrigan Fraser Gander Bay deHaviland
MacKay Esmonde Grandy Gray Forester
Memorial Garrett Hamilton Grieve Gatty
Old Navy Gordon Hawker Heath Gibson
Peterson Hadfield Jackson Magee Griffin
Pinedo Henley Lindbergh Ogilvie Hornell
Read Jones MacDonald Pattison Johnson
Kent Medcalf Robertson Kingsford Smith
Marc Garneau Nungesser Towers Lee
McLeod Sullivan TCH Lewington
Mitchell Viscount MacLean
Mifflin Wilcockson Mattern
Mollison McGrath
Quimby Melvill
Ratcliffe Morgan
Reichers Payette
Rickenbacker Penwell
Sacchi Raynham
Scott Richman
Solberg Roswell
Williams Russell
Wood Rutan
Wright Thiesk
Yeager Tilley
Gilmore Tully
Hughes Hobbs

2021 Holiday Schedule Changes

Collection Changes for Gander 2021

Holiday 2021 Collection Pick Up
April 2nd – Good Friday Thursday – April 1st, 2021
May 24th– Victoria Day Wednesday – May 26th, 2021
July 1st –  Canada Day Friday – July 2nd, 2021
August 2nd – Civic Holiday Wednesday – August 4th,  2021
September 6th – Labor Day Wednesday – September 8th, 2021
October 11th – Thanksgiving Wednesday – October 13th , 2021
November 11th –   Remembrance Day Friday – November 12th, 2021
December 27th – In lieu of
Christmas Day
Wednesday – December 29th, 2021
December 28th – In lieu of Boxing Day Wednesday – December 29th, 2021
 January 3rd , 2022–In lieu of
New Year’s Day
 Wednesday – January 5th, 2022


Note:  Other interruptions in services will be made available through radio, CNWM web site, and direct contact by email/phone.

General Regulations

  • Bags must be placed at the curb by 8:00 a.m. on your collection day.
  • Bags should be in a container or covered (check your town regulations for bag limits and type of containers permitted). Containers must be in good condition.
  • Garbage and recycling bags must be regular size: 66 cm X 82.5 cm / 26” X 32.5”
  • Each bag must not weight more that 22kg/50lbs.
  • A transparent blue bag must be used for recyclable materials.
  • A clear bag must be used for all other regular household garbage.
  • Two small privacy bags (non-transparent) for disposal of sensitive materials are permitted inside each clear bag.

Your nearest Waste Management Sites are the Central Regional Waste Management Site and/or Gander Bay Transfer Station