New Curbside Collection Policy – Questions & Answers

New Curbside Collection Policy – Questions & Answers

NEW POLICY:  As of May 1st, 2020

All waste will be collected from portable bins made of plastic or metal or placed at the curbside/roadside covered with a net, tarpaulin or blanket

CNWM waste collectors will not be removing waste from garbage boxes or collecting waste on personal property. If waste is not to the curb it will not be collected.

All waste must be at the curb by 8 a.m. on collection day.


  1. Why is this happening now and why is it necessary?

To protect the health and safety of our employees and improve efficiency, CNWM’s Board of Directors voted in favour of this new policy.  Wooden boxes were presenting workers with hazards such as: hornet’s nests, exposed nails/screws, and maggot infestations.  Also, many boxes required their workers to enter private property far from the curb to access the box.  These areas are sometimes not shoveled or present other obstacles.

  1. How is “curb” defined?

Curbside means a distance of no more than 4.75 m (15ft) off the road right of way as measured from the edge of the pavement or the public road.

  1. Can I still use my wooden garbage box?

If residents wish to continue to use garbage boxes, waste must be removed from the box and placed to the curbside/roadside on collection day by 8 am and can be covered with a net, tarpaulin or blanket.

  1. Do I have to buy a new plastic or metal bin?

No, if it doesn’t make sense for you or your property you don’t have to buy a plastic bin or metal bin.  The alternative is to continue to store your garbage in your wooden box and on the day of collection, take it to the curb by 8 am and cover it with net, tarpaulin or blanket for collection.

  1. What about the wind?

Your bin and/or net, tarpaulin or blanket and your garbage are the property owner’s responsibility.  If wind is a concern, measures should be taken to ensure no mess is made (for example, you may consider tying your bin to a post or add weight to the bottom of your bin).

  1. What about wildlife (i.e. crows)?

Again, this will be the responsibility of the owners.

  1. Is CNWM going to compensate me for my wooden box or buy my new bin?

No, CNWM will not be compensating residents for their wooden boxes or new bins.

  1. I’m a senior and/or have a disability, how am I going to get my garbage down to the curb?

It will be best to make arrangements for someone to assist you with getting your garbage to the curb.

  1. Who is responsible if my garbage becomes a mess?

The property owner is responsible.

  1. What if I choose not to comply?

Your garbage will not be collected.